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Usually when dates are given, he could be offered having twenty four hours of the week you to does not match thereupon go out as it in genuine records. One such analogy occurs in Harry Potter plus the Prisoner out-of Azkaban when Sybill Trelawney means sixteen Oct while the Monday, even if 16 October 1993 try a saturday.

There are also contradictions inside books in this area. Such as, from inside the Harry Potter plus the Goblet out-of Fire, one another 1 Sep and dos Sep are provided due to the fact Mondays and you may, from inside the Harry Potter and also the Prisoner out-of Azkaban, Buckbeak’s trial is determined to the 20 April, however, cautious parsing of one’s text message shows that this may has actually took place zero after than simply February.

Including, into the Harry Potter plus the Goblet out-of Flame they do say that Champions was in fact chose toward Friday 31 Oct, but 31 October are a tuesday within the 1994.

In the chapter 7 away from Quidditch From the Age, they do say that the earliest Quidditch World Glass was held from inside the 1473. In the event your title was stored most of the couple of years, so it disputes toward statement during the Goblet of Fire that the 1994 World Mug was the 422nd. In the event the Quidditch From Years is right, the new 422nd Quidditch Business Glass do indeed fall-in the season 3161, however, if Cup out-of Flames is useful, the initial Business Cup is held inside the 306.

Historic difficulties [ ]

Although the series, according to schedule produced from this new Chamber from Treasures resource, is determined on 1990s, the fresh new show commonly appears like it’s set in the new later nineties to help you middle-2000s, around concurrent into guide of your guides. In the Harry Potter in addition to Half of-Bloodstream Prince, Cornelius Fudge uses a male pronoun to mention towards the “predecessor” of one’s Perfect Minister of United kingdom. With regards to the above schedule, this should occur in the summer off 1996, if the Finest Minister is John Significant, whose quick ancestor try a lady (‘s the reason first meeting with Fudge, the publication states the brand new election, however, Major was not initially picked and simply took more than once Thatcher resigned.

You will be able, yet not impractical, one Fudge could well be referring to a far more faraway ancestor, just like the Thatcher took workplace prior to Fudge allegedly became Minister for Miracle. (Even if one can possibly think a scenario in which Fudge is actually delegated from the Minister to own Secret to meet up with to your Perfect Minister while he, Fudge, was in a smaller office.) Likewise, the newest identification and you can reputation of the top Minister illustrated generally seems to a great deal more directly match regarding Tony Blair than just out of John Biggest. A blog post regarding the Each day Mail notes one to Rowling try intimate to your after that-Chancellor of one’s Exchequer Gordon Brownish (will seen as a rival to help you Blair’s frontrunners of Labor Team, just who been successful him and you may became Best Minister), and that she has been trying to show Blair’s worst top. In the event the instructions have been set in sync that have publication date away from Philosopher’s Brick, next that it enjoy would take place in 2002 (immediately following Blair became Perfect Minister).

Yet not, it actually was afterwards stated that twenty-two November is a friday, that it was at 1994

A similar state relates to Nicolas Flamel, who was simply stated as being 665 during the fresh new very first publication, however, Nicolas Flamel is actually a bona-fide historic figure and you can would not reach you Xinxiang women sexy to years up until 1996, around the day the initial guide is actually blogged. The new rebuttal because of it is that the go out new “real” Nicolas Flamel was created does not talk to this new Nicolas Flamel of Harry Potter.

An alternative problem exists regarding Rubeus Hagrid’s tenure as Hogwarts’s gamekeeper. It’s required about show you to definitely Hagrid received one updates within this a few years regarding their expulsion of college within the 1942. However in that world off Harry Potter therefore the Goblet out of Flame, Molly Weasley reminisces on the Ogg, Hagrid’s preekeeper apparently overlap having Molly’s decades at school, it looks unrealistic you to definitely she recalls a previous gamekeeper. not, it’s possible that Hagrid failed to become a beneficial gamekeeper instantly just after being expelled, but alternatively become because Ogg’s assistant. This is certainly probable since whenever Harry thinks that he commonly become expelled for flying towards the broomstick rather than consent in his first year, the guy magic if he’d be permitted to remain on because the Hagrid’s secretary.