Brand new bride is escorted toward groom’s family of the their relatives

The deviation of your relationship traffic scratching probably one of the most essential stages of your marriage routine. How many relationships attendants whom went along to fetch the brand new bride is undetermined, and there is actually zero repaired signal because of their choices. The marriage traffic leftover the house, rode ponies, and when the marriage occurred from inside the village, however they went on base. Within lead of the team of your own relationships guests stood the new imam. Just after your is the latest bride’s horse, whose seat was wrapped in another type of material and you can body, along with lilac/purple/ they hung a garment, kuuma korealainen tyttГ¶ that has been titled “the latest bridegroom’s cloth”. The newest departure of your main wedding party to your horseback and the firing away from rifles for the travel are reminiscent of the latest bride-to-be-taking routine. While they approached the fresh new bride’s house, the groom’s wedding party discharged a beneficial rifle and you will done. As well as on this new bride’s front, they behave that have gunshots and you may tunes. The brand new bridegroom’s wedding visitors was acquired which have higher honors during the bride’s domestic. He’s presented with sherbet, baklava, and java.

In the remain of your own marriage party throughout the bride’s house, numerous ceremonies happened. Very first, the brand new dowry was handed out to the latest bride. Both the groom’s while the bride’s matrimony travelers took part in that it service. At first, this new dowry is consecrated from the imam. The wedding website visitors were once more captivated with sherbet and you will just after prepared the latest few heirs, it ready to accept the street. Upcoming, new bride’s sister and you will bro got the latest girl aside on the lawn. Whenever of the girl claiming good-bye in order to their unique mothers and family unit members is one of the most pressing. The latest girl’s shout mingled to your tunes of the marriage subscribers.

The latest fiance are mounted on a pony, kept of the their particular cousin and uncle’s give. Entirely, brand new girl cried and you will endured against aside. It covered their unique with a red apparel, which in fact had posts at four closes as held of the five men, nearest and dearest of your girl.

When the bride-to-be inserted brand new courtyard of the house, grain, sugar, sweets, and you can gold coins was indeed tossed

Based on customized, relationships guests were not to ever return the same way it arrived. This is complete, predicated on folklore, to protect all of them from evil eyes and you will miracle. That is along with a remnant of culture away from stealing the fresh new bride to be. In the event that fiance contacted the house, the ladies sought out into lawn and you will carried out.

A couple of old feminine was in fact awaiting their unique at the home of the house, exactly who, with her two attendants, grabbed her into place. This is done as the a desire to have chance and you will money. A metals strings is actually apply the endurance of the entranceway, that fiance needed to plunge more together with her correct legs so you’re able to stroll effortlessly. The attendants, once bringing the fiance into place, handed her off to this new groom’s mother “just like the good testament”/teslim and you will amanet/. A little boy, perhaps not a keen orphan, do take off the newest bride’s boots and take brand new gold coins one have been into the.

Upcoming, considering decades, the rest of the marriage guests lined up

Pursuing the bride to be rested to have an hour or so, among the many ladies in their unique house carry out wear the fresh new attire made available to their own because of the bridegroom making their unique a top. A strange build-upwards try put-on the brand new bride-to-be. Both sides were smeared which have lip stick as bullet daisies, and you can thin silver cable and you may flecks was put-on the fresh temple. The brand new flecks was basically placed all over the deal with for the a keen asymmetrical trend. In the event the bride to be try “ironed aside” the space filled.